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Friday, 19 September 2014

Abul Hussain

Abul Hussain

Abul Hussain (15 August 1922 - 29 June 2014) is a well-acclaimed Bangladeshi poet who is recognized as the first modern Bengali poet in Bangladesh. Abul Hussain is the leading exponent of modernism in Bangladeshi poetry. He expresses in his verse a cynical and anguished mood that reflects his lifelong search for a philosophical and religious position from which to analyze and comprehend the individual life in relation to society; the political instability and economic uncertainties in his country; and his suspicion of progress without human feeling. He is a writer of 25 Books.

Literary works


His first book of poem was Naba-Basanta. Others:

    Birash Sanglap (1969)
    Duswapna Theke Duswapne (1985)
    Haoa Tomar Kee Dussahos (1982)
    Ekhono Somoy Ache (1997)
    Aar Kisher Opekkha (2000)
    Kaler Khatae (2008)
    Selected Poems of Abul Hussain (1986)

and 19 more to name.


Abul Hussain received several awards for his literary achievements. Among them, following are notable:

    Bangla Academy Award (1963)
    Nasiruddin Gold Medal
    Ekushey Padak (1980)

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