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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Ron Mustafaa

Ron Mustafaa

Born Ronald Mustafaa
December 3, 1989 (age 24)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Occupation Actor
Years active 2008 - present

Ronald "Ron" Mustafaa (born December 3, 1989) is a young Bangladeshi Canadian actor. He played Abbud Siddiqui on the MTV television teen drama Skins.

Life and career

Ron Mustafaa is of Bengali origins. He is currently attending the University of Toronto as an undergrad student majoring in International law and Political Science.

Ron Mustafaa originally wanted to become a lawyer, but his mother wanted him to become an actor. His mother grew up in Bangladesh and was an aspiring actress, but never gained success. He often states that his mother is living her dream through him.

Prior to Skins, he was best known for his role as Roy Jackson in Team Epic.

In 2010, Ron was cast as Abbud Siddiqui in the MTV adaptation of the British teen drama Skins. There he plays Abbud in Skins, who defies his parents conventional wishes and prefers a lifestyle involving girls, drugs, party and alcohol.

His character is based on the character Anwar Kharral from the original Skins UK show.

Personal life

Ron Mustafaa was 6 years old when his family moved from Bangladesh to Oshawa, ON. Ron's hobbies include acting, playing basketball, watching movies, strumming the guitar and hanging out with friends. While he hopes that he will pursue a career in film and television, he is also very academic and aspires to be in consulting in the future. Ron's favorite actors include Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, and his favorite movie is Raging Bull.


2008–2009Team EpicRoy JacksonLead role
2011SkinsAbbud SiddiquiLead role
2012-2013Hemlock Grove (TV series)Tom MayerPrincipal Role (3 Episodes)
2012-2013Transporter: The Series Yo-YoGuest Starring Role
2013Dr. Bob's HouseCarl PatelLead role

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