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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Shoaib Gibran

Shoaib Gibran

Shoaib Gibran (Bengali: শোয়াইব জিবরান) is a creative writer and academician. He was born in 1971 at Sylhet (present Moulavibazar) Bangladesh. He earned his degrees and training from Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka University, S.T. Open University, Bangkok, Thailand and Queen's University, Canada.He is also known as Dr. Soaib Ahmed.


Shoaib’s first book Kath Cherier Shabdo (Sound of Slicing Wood) published from Bangla Academy in 1996. His other books are also published from the same institution and other renowned publishers. Recently he has edited 9-volume collections titled ‘Bangalir Sikhshachinta’ (Thoughts of Bengal) published from World Literature Centre, Dhaka under a project. In the 90s Shoaib edited a literary little magazine named ‘Shabdopath’ (Reading Words); now he is editing an educational journal ‘Shikhshachinta’ (Education Thoughts). His other published books include ‘Dukkha Chepe Thisse Press’ (Press is Printing Sorrow), a book of verse, published in 2003; ‘Kamalkumar Majumdarer Uponnasher koronkoushol’ (Kamolkumar Mojumder -The Craft of Novel Writing, 2009); Pedagogy of Bangla (Co-Author), 2008; Educational Communication & Technology (Co-Author), 2001; Higher Education Management, (2001); Hundred Years of Bengal Education : From Rammohan to Nazrul (2009), Dithanguchcha Utdan Jure ( Puzzle is everywhere), 2010; Bishoy: kobita Kotha o Shiksha ( On Poetry, Narratives and Education),2011; Rabindra shikshavabna Samaogra ( The Education Thoughts of Tagore),2012.


Muktadhara Ekushey Sahytta Purashkar ( Muktadhara Ekushey Literary Award), Abdul Mannan Chawdhary Memorial Award

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